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Hi, okay so my word processor doesn't work anymore, because it likes to be crap like that. So I needed a forum to write all my character idea's down for roleplaying, aswell as the biography templates

    Lower Self Esteemed Characters


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    Lower Self Esteemed Characters

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    Low Self-Esteemed Characters.

    This topic is for when I make whores, or anorexic girls that have really bad mental problems.

    Reasons why they keep on doing what they're doing:
    • Maybe their best friend is just too pretty. Whenever she comments on how fat she is or how ugly she looks you just want to smack her, because you're going through the same issues too, but yours are actually TRUE.
    • Maybe it's their ex-boyfriends new girlfriend. She's really pretty and every one likes her and they all want to take pictures together. You would absolutely hate her, except she's just too nice to hate.
    • Heckled - Even though my character might only be 90 pounds they still feel the need to be thinner or prettier because they were made fun of for being "fat" or "ugly" before.
    • Rejected - A boyfriend/girlfriend gave my character up for a thinner or prettier girl/boy.
    • Comparing herself to the models in the magazines, or on tv. She wants to look just like them. She wants to be perfect even though she knows that she will never be, and she just keeps telling herself that.
    • Cut down - She is constantly insulted by the people around her, like her siblings and her parents, or whomever she lives with. Even her own cat thinks she is a shame of our society.
    • A friend who really isnt a friend - A girl who befriends her but really only sticks around to tell my character how fat or ugly she is, when in reality the girl is probably more attractive and skinnier than that "friend" of hers.

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